2012 Nova Scotia Fall Wine Festival

Fall wine fest characters

Join us for this year’s Fall Wine Festival.

This year’s Nova Scotia Fall Wine Festival will run from September 13 to October 14, 2012 and will include over 45 events across the province. Be prepared to eat and drink your way around Nova Scotia, meet our talented winemakers and chefs and indulge in our local cuisine.

Our 2012 festival promises to be the best yet – and we want you to be a part of it! Start planning your wine tour with Go North Tours, and Grape Escapes, sign up for a cooking class or start training for grape stomping. Get your tastebuds ready by picking up a bottle of Nova Scotia’s finest at a winery, your local NSLC, or anywhere else that carries excellent wine.

Check back for more event information over the next few weeks – we will be updating daily as events come in.