Discover the Wines of Nova Scotia

When you think of great wine-making regions in Canada, Nova Scotia is quickly earning a place for itself on that list.

The Winery Association of Nova Scotia (WANS) has adopted a set of quality standards – the Nova Scotia Wine Standards, and is introducing a new symbol of quality to identify wines that are made from 100% Nova Scotia grown grapes and fruit and meet the criteria set out in these new standards. The official launch of premium quality Nova Scotia wines is being uncorked May 9, 2006 at the annual Taste of Nova Scotia Dinner at the Prince George Hotel in Halifax.

“There are nine wineries in the province that make a variety of wines from 100% Nova Scotiagrown grapes and fruit, and we have several new wineries preparing to open in the next few years,” said Ron Chisholm, Minister of Agriculture. “The Winery Association of Nova Scotia has created a symbol of quality that celebrates the growing wine region in our province.”

Situated on one of the cooler climate limits for vines, Nova Scotia has had a long and rich tradition for growing grapes for wine dating back to the 1600’s.

In 2003, more than one million pounds of grapes were grown on more than 300 acres of property in nine counties in Nova Scotia. The crop was valued at $640,000.

“Nova Scotia grape growers and wineries have built a world class reputation through the quality of the products they sell,” said Hanspeter Stutz, Treasurer of WANS and owner of Grand Pre Wines. “Our long fall allows our grapes to ripen slowly increasing their flavour intensity. Our wineries are winning international awards for their efforts and beautiful wines.”

For more than 25 years wineries have differentiated themselves into several very distinct regions: The Annapolis Valley, Malagash Peninsula, LaHave River Valley, plus other regions that are now proving suitable for grape growing giving us very distinctive and beautiful wines to choose from.

Stutz says, “Our customers now know that they have the absolute best that this land has to offer when they see bottles that carry our new ‘Wines of Nova Scotia’ symbol.” WANS has created a playful logo of a lobster claw holding a tilting glass of wine that captures the distinctive, eclectic and unpretentious character of premium wines from Nova Scotia.

In celebration of the newly launched Wines of Nova Scotia symbol, the Association has created a “Discover Nova Scotia Wines” passport whereby visiting at least five of the eight Nova Scotia wineries gives the consumer an opportunity to win one of 3 exciting wine experience vacations and to get discounts on wine when they visit the wineries. Passports can be obtained by visiting one of the wineries, at various events throughout the summer and fall or by contacting the Winery Association of Nova Scotia.

Hans Christian Jost, President of WANS and owner or Jost Vineyards is looking forward to the new visitors that this promotion will bring to his winery in Malagash. “More than 40,000 people from all around the world visit our vineyards every year”, Jost says. “They enjoy award-winning wines and drink in the glorious views of the province’s landscapes. I expect that more people will discover our wineries because of this marketing initiative.”

As any wine connoisseur will tell you, a great glass of wine is the result of a rare combination of the fruit, the land, the climate and the people. Nova Scotia is an award winning combination. The new symbol of quality was created with these elements in mind so you are invited to raise your glass with confidence and pride as you discover the Wines of Nova Scotia.