Nova Scotia Tidal Bay Taste Off – The Long Table Social Club

We invite you to join us for a fun and educational social event that is all about celebrating the signature wine of Nova Scotia, the Tidal Bay, and the fine wineries that produce it!

The Long Table Social Club is a unique place designed to inspire social connection and enjoyment over food and drink! The long table represents a friendly and inclusive place where there is always room to pull up a chair. Wine tasting can feel intimidating for the novice wine consumer. At The Long Table, we asked ourselves why the experience can’t be more fun and social!?

Our Nova Scotia Tidal Bay Taste Off is designed to help those who are new to wine, want to learn a little more about wine, and take an interest in wine culture. We also want to help our amazing wineries help our guests to learn about the Tidal Bay appellation and understand how to ‘taste’ and write about or review wine – with the goal of helping to promote your favourite wines through online reviews and social media… (especially the Tidal Bays you will taste during this event).

We have a few fun activities planned for the afternoon:
– There will be a Tidal Bay 101, wine tasting basics, and trivia session (yes, to be enjoyed with wine!)
– A ‘Taste Off’ with tasting stations set up by participating Tidal Bay producing wineries where you can learn more about each wine directly from the producers
– An interactive voting session and an opportunity to review your FAVES
– Followed by a social with music and party games (and more wine!)

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Tickets may also be purchased at the door based on availability; advance purchase recommended.


Jun 26 2022


4:00 pm - 8:00 pm

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The Long Table Social Club
5611 Highway 358, Scots Bay