Get to Know Nova Scotia Wine this Fall

Gina and Bruce, FWF 2012Do you want to know more about Nova Scotia wine?

You’re in luck because the Fall Wine Festival is the perfect time of year to learn more about our constantly growing wine industry. It’s true that one of the greatest things about being small means you have the opportunity to get to know everyone involved by name, to find out how their unique experiences have affected their individual grape growing and winemaking practices, and to personally ask all of the questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to. We’re fortunate to have a close community of passionate and involved winery owners, winemakers, vineyard managers and numerous other faces behind the scenes, all working hard to push the limits and propel our young industry onto the world stage, and they want to get to know you too!

The more stories you hear and the more personalities you get to know, the more you’ll be able to taste the difference between wineries and feel the influence of each winemaker in every bottle. Before long, you’ll know exactly which Nova Scotia wines to pair perfectly with your Friday night dinners and which to simply enjoy on their own.

When visiting Avondale Sky Winery, ask Owners Lorraine Vassalo and Stewart Creaser what their recent experiences have been like as some of the newest kids on the block in the Nova Scotia wine industry.

Ask Bruce Ewert, owner and winemaker at L’Acadie Vineyards, how traditional method sparkling wines are made, what makes them special and why we’re able to produce amazing sparkling wines in Nova Scotia.

Ask Jean-Benoit Deslauriers, winemaker at Benjamin Bridge, the story of the infamous Nova 7.

Ask Gina Haverstock, winemaker at Gaspereau Vineyards, how her experiences with winemaking in Germany have affected her practices here in Nova Scotia.

With events being hosted by every winery across the province, ask away and get to know Nova Scotia wine this fall. We’d be surprised if you don’t find yourself smiling after every sip, knowing the stories behind our wines.