“Hometown Travel”

Blomidon. Photo by Krista Spurr.

Blomidon. Photo by Krista Spurr.

Krista Spurr, a local travel blogger, food writer, and all-around awesome person, has been trying to turn local trips into travel adventures, and she wrote up one such adventure to wine country.

It’s inspiring to see what’s in our backyards here in Nova Scotia, and she’s got some great ideas of what to do when you’re not drinking wine.

“Our first proper stop was Domain de Grand Pré, timing our arrival to coincide with one of three daily tours. It was a perfect day for a wine tour (or three), and we learned a lot from our friendly and knowledgeable guides, particularly about the different kinds of grapes that fare the best in our climate to eventually become wine…

…I found Luckett’s wines literally calling to us. The phonebox holds a working retro-style payphone from the era of Maritime Telegraph & Telephone (long gone). The best part? You can make a call gratis to anywhere in North America! I called my parents, who live on the other side of the Valley, to tell them I was in a field. It was completely charming and exactly the kind of unexpected experience I hoped to find…

…What’s travel without a passport? I have fallen hard for the Wines of Nova Scotia‘s passport program. So much so, one of my top goals of the summer is to visit the twelve member wineries and obtain all of the passport stamps. So far, so good, three down, nine to go and it’s only mid-June!”

Find out more about the Wine Country Passport (and the chance to win a VIA Rail Wine Lover’s Tour!)