Le Caveau one of World’s Best Winery Restaurants

Wine Access Magazine’s panel says Domaine de Grand Pré’s restaurant, Le Caveau, is one of the world’s best winery restaurants.

And who could blame them? Chef Jason Lynch’s vine-smoked salmon is incredibly delicious… Here’s the write up, by local wine writer Craig Pinhey:

Domaine de Grand Pré, which celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2010, is located at the historical site of the first modern Nova Scotian winery, just outside of Wolfville. The Swiss-born Stutz family added beautiful landscaping, modern wine equipment, a gift shop, and Le Caveau, a fabulous restaurant overlooking the vineyards and the Bay of Fundy, with a gorgeous pergola complete with stone pillars.

Chef Jason Lynch does excellent work here, with a focus on local products, always suiting the crisp, European-style wines fashioned by Jürg Stutz. Specialties include buttered Moroccan chicken and house-made L’Acadie vine-smoked salmon. (CP)

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