Study Concludes Nova Scotia Wine Industry is Ripe, Robust and Remarkable

Picture of a vineyard

Economic impact study shows NS wine industry worth almost $200 million/year.

Lunenburg, N.S. – The Winery Association of Nova Scotia today released an economic impact study concluding that the wine industry contributes $196 million dollars annually to the Nova Scotia economy.

“This study shows just how rapidly the Nova Scotia wine industry is becoming a major economic driver in the province,” association CEO Nick Jennery said. “What’s even more striking is how quickly the industry is expanding.”

Wine consumption in Canada is growing rapidly. Between 2007 and 2011, consumption increased by over 14 percent, and the Nova Scotia wine industry is responding to the increase in demand. From one Nova Scotia winery in 1980, there are now 12 grape wineries and 6 fruit-based wineries, but there is still much room for growth.

“It’s an industry that is rooted in Nova Scotia, a growing part of the province’s economy, and it deserves the sort of attention worthy of its status. It’s time to welcome wine as a first-class industry in Nova Scotia.”

From a total of $196 million in economic activity, $25 million was generated in tax revenue and $30 million in wages. That translates into an economic impact of $375,000 per acre of grapes farmed.

With growth accelerating, the NS wine industry is poised to play an even greater part in generating stable jobs, tax revenue and economic growth in rural NS, and bring benefits to all parts of the province.

The success of the Nova Scotia wine industry means that our wineries will need to expand the acreage of grapes being grown now. Simply speaking, industry growth and consumer demand are outstripping supply and we have room to grow right here in Nova Scotia.

“It’s time to look ahead, to make sure the industry has the support it deserves to continue growing,” Jennery said. “To meet the demand for Nova Scotia wine, we need to start planning now. Grapes take time to mature; the time to expand is now.”

The report also details the economic impact of the wine industry as a catalyst for tourism, with approximately 100,000 tourists visiting Nova Scotia wineries in 2011.

Each bottle of Nova Scotia wine produces 15 times the economic impact as a bottle of imported wine. Wine growing in Nova Scotia is a home-grown success story; it is only now that the real potential is being seen.

The report written by Frank, Rimerman + Co., a US-based management consulting firm with expertise in the wine industry, sets out the economic contribution of the wine industry. The report was commissioned by the Canadian Vintners Association and the wine industry associations of Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Quebec and Ontario.

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