“Start Wining”

“The 2012 Atlantic Canada Wine Symposium’s rising tide will float your boat”

Craig Pinhey wrote about the upcoming Atlantic Canada Wine Symposium for the Coast.

The Atlantic wine scene is growing healthily, as you’ll see when the Atlantic Canada Wine Symposium comes to town. The theme is “rising tide,” as in “a rising tide raises all boats,” which may seem cliche, given the region and city we’re talking about, but there’s more to this than the obvious Maritime link.

While regional wines, particularly sparkling wines from Nova Scotia, have created a buzz, there’s a long way to go before we are mentioned in the same breath as Napa Valley, Bordeaux or even Niagara, Ontario. We may never be, but that’s OK. It’s not about being famous, it’s about tourism and jobs—and for that we need investment.

The thought behind the symposium is that industry leaders should share best practices to help everyone grow better grapes and make better-quality wine. In turn, raising the reputation of the region, increasing tourism and encouraging investment in new plantings and infrastructure.