“The rise of traditional method sparkling wine in Nova Scotia”

Wine Access Magazine’s Craig Pinhey wrote a great piece on Traditional Method sparkling wine in Nova Scotia.

It’s full of interesting facts and interviews on the hows and whys of making high-quality sparkling wine in Nova Scotia. The question he asked: Traditional method sparkling is having a moment in Atlantic Canada, but is it Nova Scotia’s signature wine?

Tradition is a word that is used frequently in Atlantic Canada, but usually in reference to culture, such as our music, food and unique way of approaching life. This emphasis on tradition is oddly perfect for a region that is quickly gaining recognition for traditional method sparkling wine.

Traditional method, also called méthode classique, and historically, Méthode Champenoise, is a technique in which secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle. This leads to sparkling wines with fine bubbles and toasty aromas and flavours. The long, intimate contact with the lees (dead yeast) creates the toasty notes that are the signature of traditional method sparkling wines…