Domaine de Grand Pré

Domaine de Grand Pre is the oldest farm winery in Atlantic Canada. The Swiss-born Stutz family re-opened the doors to the public in 2000 and quickly made their mark, displaying a European sensibility for quality and a passion for wine and food.

At Domaine de Grand Pré, they work hard to develop unique wines true to our province and unlike any others in the region — growing specialty grapes that are developed for Nova Scotia’s specific climate and landscape. The result is an array of award-winning vintages. During your visit, you can stroll through the lush vineyards, visit the museum and take a peek at the wine cellar, and experience seasonally inspired and locally sourced food while enjoying one of the fine vintages at the award winning restaurant, Le Caveau.

You can also visit the Wine Shop, a magical blend of Nova Scotia and Old World charm, and stay for a wine tasting or just browse through the many wine related gift ideas.