Lightfoot & Wolfville Vineyards

At Lightfoot & Wolfville our vineyards are certified organic and grown according to the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Specifically selected for our microclimate, our wines include classic Burgundian-inspired Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, Rieslings and other German-styled white wines, as well as traditional method prestige cuvée sparkling wines. We currently grow the most diverse portfolio of classic European vinifera in Atlantic Canada.

At Lightfoot & Wolfville we bring an enlightened approach to both the agricultural and artisanal parts of our work – letting the land offer up its innate best, without subjecting it to aggressive inputs; letting our wines benefit from classic wine making methods, emphasizing gentle gravity production and natural wild-yeast fermentations.

We are not currently open to the public until the construction phase of our retail is complete in 2017.

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