About Us

The Winery Association of Nova Scotia was formed in 2002 to represent the interests of wine producers in the province, to serve as a voice for local industry and to promote the growth and development of Nova Scotia wines.

The climate and soil conditions in Nova Scotia favour unique and distinctive grape varietals. We also have an abundant supply of suitable grape growing land for potential development, unfettered by urban encroachment.

Building awareness of a Nova Scotia Wine Country and expanding distribution of the Wines of Nova Scotia will increase local market penetration. The Winery Association of Nova Scotia is committed to building excellence throughout every aspect of the industry, forging partnerships and attracting potential investors, ultimately catapulting the wines of Nova Scotia onto the world stage.

Setting High Standards

The Nova Scotia Wine Standards (NSWS) were adopted by the association’s membership in 2005, and the Nova Scotia Farm Winery Policy replaced both the former Farm Winery and Cottage Winery policies in 2007. These standards ensure quality is met during every stage of wine production in Nova Scotia.

The Wines of Nova Scotia logo was introduced for consumers to identify quality wines made from 100% locally grown Nova Scotia grapes and fruit, and that meet the NSWS standards. Use of the logo is goverened by the Wines of Nova Scotia Graphic Identity Specifications.